Gamers & Gambling addicts simply want to stay in the game comfortable in a pattern with other things shut out pg 226


Overstimulated seek worlds whose constraints create Pure Space with nothing but its demands ie Gambling Addicts pg 226


For many people the metaphor of addiction feels like the only possible way to describe what is going on pg 226


Looking to Games for amusement one thing Looking to them for Life another Alone we Imagine ourselves together pg 226


Why deprive ourselves of voice communication? texting & email hide as much as we show we can process people quickly pg 207


Making an avatar and texting Pretty much the same You're creating your own person; It's your little twin on the Internet pgs 191-2

A text is better than a call there is less “boundness” to the person so you cannot say or learn too much pg190


In early days of Cubism simultaneous presentation of many perspectives of the human face was subversive pgs 63-4


Singularity as Technological Rapture 

70's animal v computer kind of life now animal v computer kind of love pgs 25 &28


Wired into Existence through tech, beyond a mirror of the mind, new state of self emerges from new devices pg 16


We are looking to the network to defend us against loneliness by controlling the intensity of our connections. pg 13



Alone Together

why we expect more from technology and less from each other.

Technological Promiscuity - people considering robots as pets, potential friends, confidants and romantic partners. Attaching to the inanimate without prejudice.pg10

by Sherry Turkle


pathological-techno-fetishist-with-social-deficit the end of linear story telling

More Research in Progress

reading and thoughts – nearing end of The Art of Immersion by Frank Rose

Otaku - geek, nerd, obsessive

Akihabara - high rise electronics district, Central Tokyo

Manga - Anime

Gibson character in Idoru describing her brother - "pathological-techno-fetishist-with-social-deficit"

end of linear story telling

Lost (TV series) internet - clues finding then assembling lost snippets of video that gives deeper clues to series meaning - audience interaction - immersion

Carl's Jr - introducing new burger - IPG Media Lab - "as far as young hungry guys are concerned (18-34) there is no difference between Youtube and TV" (same for other demographics)

Paid 9 top Youtube producers/characters/personalities $5,000 each to create and put up video answering question: How would you eat the new ___ burger?

These personalities and their followers then tweeted (not planned by Carls Jr) and otherwise Social Media'ed to each other about this

3 million views first week then grew - at one point had 8 of top 20 Youtube videos

Current - Chaos Scenario - cable > broadcast    video games>TV   iPods>radio

atomized markets (choices) Fragmentation of audience

People don't like ads - traditional advertising industry unsupportable - Moving away from "media" in general - from TV in particular

Entertain - involve - immerse

Now see consumer created ads - contests - involvement - wiki's - story not completely controlled by advertiser in traditional sense - Chevy Tahoe ads - some derogatory/profane/accusatory - OK, ways of involving

Internet interactive - not possible in traditional media

Make use of this


New Cellular Animation

I'm working on a new animation with Robin Conover to show how the actions of cells and molecules in two different organs are the same process. Here is a shot of of an early model.

Cellular Genesis Model

My Profile

NHLBI Special Report in the Journal of Minority Medical Students.

NHLBI is the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute. I'm nearing the end of a two year Minority Supplemental Grant and preparing to apply for a new grant.  It's been very satisfying to add medical research to my other areas of interest. I'm exploring which graduate programs have the kind of environment that will help me combine my study of The Convergence of Advanced Technologies and Communication Theory with Translational Science Initiatives and Health Communication. Over the years I've had opportunities to create health communication campaigns and now I want to take on a formal study of how we can make use of the advances in communication to help make research findings useful much more quickly than generally occurs now - click on the image to read.

Clarence wigfall[1]