Connie Rice quoting Frederick Douglass - “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” pg 325

I've learned to quarantine the strategic incontinence of elected officials by blocking them off fromthemoney... I've learned to lock in long-term solutions, put the professionals in charge, and block politicians from diverting progress for their short-term political needs.... because it doesn't matter who holds it - power concedes nothing without a demand...

mothers of murdered children asked me to sue the gangs... one deputy chief, “file this, and you and your clients will be dead by sundown.”

In 2007 two mothers of murdered children had asked me to sue the gangs whose memebers had ruthlessly gunned down their kids. Instead of the killers' houses and money, these grieving women wanted the gang members' children - to save them from la vida loca. Although no court would ever permit it, I thought their vision was brilliant and moving, and I began preparing the case. After checking with top prosecutors and police, I was devastated to have to drop it. As one deputy chief put it, "You file this, and you and your clients will be dead by sundown." pg 307


“You have in Los Angeles what we call a sustained, incipient, parasitic insurgency.” Commander Gans in Power Concedes Nothing by Connie Rice pg 305

"I can't believe," he began with a heavy sigh, "that I'm over in Iraq fighting insurgent threats, and I come out here to L.A. and find out it's in my own damned backyard."

Even in United States below surface run dark currents repressed memories such as slavery and the genocide of native peoples

'After wars, societies are traumatized, above and beyond the physical death, injury, destruction, and cost... One way to deal with trauma is denial - put the war behind, never look back, and move on... Stanly Cohen writes that denial occurs when "people, organizations, govbernments or whole societies are presented with information that is too disturbing, threatening, or anomalous to be fully absorbed or openly acknowledged. The information is therfore somehow repressed, disavowed, pushed aside, or reinterpreted... Denial is understood as an unconscious defence  mechanism for coping with guilt, anxiety, and other disturbing emotions aroused by reality." Denial causes societies to repeat "stupid destructive things" withou even realizing they are repetitions...' pgs 306 - 307


During and after war societies arrive at unwritten agreements about can be publicly remembered but individual memories do not disappear

“But denial is always partial; some information is always registered. This paradox or doubleness – knowing and not knowing – is the heart of the concept. Sometimes, and this is especially true during and after wars, societies arrive at unwritten agreements about what can be publicly remembered and acknowledged ...[For example] the media image of the Gulf War was a masterpiece of collusive denial... Not did the public really want to know more. Given the past suffereing of societies around the world, even those that seem relatively tranquil now are still dealing with the terrible histories of atrocities and social suffering...In a society such as China, at peace for decades, memories of famines and civil wars still lurk....”pg 307

Just read

Winning the War on War – Decline of Armed Conflict Worldwide

by Joshua S. Goldstein

Denial's role in confusion is war getting worse in recent years

“Denial plays an important role in our confusion about whether war has been getting better or worse in recent years. Precisely because we remain in denial about past traumas, we cannot accurately compare them with today's situation. Sometimes denial is literal, such as when the government of Sudan states that attacks on civilians in Darfur did not occur. Other times, denial is interpretive – for example, the attacks occurred but they are not what they seem; … A third type acknowledges acts but claims they were justified. Sometimes all three types occur together: The massacre did not take place, anyway, it was accidental, and the victims what they deserved!” Joshua S. Goldstein Pg 306

What does this mean?

pathological-techno-fetishist-with-social-deficit the end of linear story telling

More Research in Progress

reading and thoughts – nearing end of The Art of Immersion by Frank Rose

Otaku - geek, nerd, obsessive

Akihabara - high rise electronics district, Central Tokyo

Manga - Anime

Gibson character in Idoru describing her brother - "pathological-techno-fetishist-with-social-deficit"

end of linear story telling

Lost (TV series) internet - clues finding then assembling lost snippets of video that gives deeper clues to series meaning - audience interaction - immersion

Carl's Jr - introducing new burger - IPG Media Lab - "as far as young hungry guys are concerned (18-34) there is no difference between Youtube and TV" (same for other demographics)

Paid 9 top Youtube producers/characters/personalities $5,000 each to create and put up video answering question: How would you eat the new ___ burger?

These personalities and their followers then tweeted (not planned by Carls Jr) and otherwise Social Media'ed to each other about this

3 million views first week then grew - at one point had 8 of top 20 Youtube videos

Current - Chaos Scenario - cable > broadcast    video games>TV   iPods>radio

atomized markets (choices) Fragmentation of audience

People don't like ads - traditional advertising industry unsupportable - Moving away from "media" in general - from TV in particular

Entertain - involve - immerse

Now see consumer created ads - contests - involvement - wiki's - story not completely controlled by advertiser in traditional sense - Chevy Tahoe ads - some derogatory/profane/accusatory - OK, ways of involving

Internet interactive - not possible in traditional media

Make use of this