Connie Rice quoting Frederick Douglass - “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” pg 325

I've learned to quarantine the strategic incontinence of elected officials by blocking them off fromthemoney... I've learned to lock in long-term solutions, put the professionals in charge, and block politicians from diverting progress for their short-term political needs.... because it doesn't matter who holds it - power concedes nothing without a demand...

mothers of murdered children asked me to sue the gangs... one deputy chief, “file this, and you and your clients will be dead by sundown.”

In 2007 two mothers of murdered children had asked me to sue the gangs whose memebers had ruthlessly gunned down their kids. Instead of the killers' houses and money, these grieving women wanted the gang members' children - to save them from la vida loca. Although no court would ever permit it, I thought their vision was brilliant and moving, and I began preparing the case. After checking with top prosecutors and police, I was devastated to have to drop it. As one deputy chief put it, "You file this, and you and your clients will be dead by sundown." pg 307


“You have in Los Angeles what we call a sustained, incipient, parasitic insurgency.” Commander Gans in Power Concedes Nothing by Connie Rice pg 305

"I can't believe," he began with a heavy sigh, "that I'm over in Iraq fighting insurgent threats, and I come out here to L.A. and find out it's in my own damned backyard."


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