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Shooting Digital in London Magic Night Light

Shooting digital at night in Central London for Prince Kwame's London Sound gave us magical moments that can't be   found anywhere else. Inside this pedestrian tunnel we found this unreal light. This still shot gives some idea of what it was like, but not.

The night we were shooting Prince Kwame there was noLondon Shoot and Sights 101B one around - maybe 4 a.m. - two young guys came out of the dark and into the tunnel toward us and started asking what were we doing?  Someone told them to go away, but the one was insistent. When we told him he said he wanted to show us something  so I said go ahead. He did a standing back flip for us, so I asked him if he would do it for the camera and that was what he really wanted! So I got him while we continued the shoot. I'm sure that he will be in there somewhere.

In the meantime - here's your view of the tunnel.

Anyone want to venture a guess where this is near?


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